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Tax consultancy means giving expert advice and guidance to individual or business bodies concerning all relevant tax issues. The services provided in this category are reviewing a financial position, tax loss opportunities study and compliance with laws and regulations rate minimisation strategies to help the client save on taxes. Tax planning is designed to allocate decisions about finances best so as to attain a favourable tax structure.


VAT is a consumption tax technically imposed on the value added to goods and services at each production stage or distribution from raw materials used throughout manufacture, processing into different items in these processes unto customers’ purchase.

Alif Accounting and Tax Consultants help business clients understand VAT registration, adherence to Regulations Relating To Value Added Tax regulations, and preparation of value-added tax returns- filing the Returns for nonresident companies or individuals who are not registered under any country Acts governing local Business Entities conducting these services that have established their businesses within Zambia against Setting Fixed And

Why choose ALIF?

Planning for Expats

If you are an expatriate looking for a trustworthy tax planning company, then Alif can be your reliable partner Our expat tax planning specialists help you to navigate the waters of international taxes, where compliance with both your home country’s laws and also those in place for its people that reside abroad is mandatory. We can assist you in improving your tax qualification and the management of financial liabilities.

Financial Advisor Tax

Tax planning together with a financial advisor can bring up some major improvements in terms of your overall business plan. Financial advisors at Alif work with you to make your financial plans more tax-efficient. We help you gain an image in investment decision-making, retirement planning and wealth management while balancing your tax position.

Your Trusted Ally in Tax Planning

In the area of managing your tax responsibilities, Alif Accounting & Tax Consultants is a very reliable partner. The combination of our dedication to perfection and personalized service will provide you with the right services for your tax planning. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize our offerings for your unique needs.


Alif Accounting & Tax Consultants provides comprehensive VAT services, assisting businesses with understanding VAT registration requirements, ensuring compliance with Regulations Relating to Value Added Tax, and handling the preparation and filing of VAT returns for both local businesses and nonresident entities operating within the jurisdiction.

Alif Accounting & Tax Consultants offers expert tax consultancy services, which include reviewing financial positions to optimize tax planning strategies, conducting studies on tax loss opportunities, providing compliance guidance on local tax laws and regulations, and developing tax minimization strategies to maximize savings for clients.

Businesses benefit from choosing Alif Accounting & Tax Consultants for tax planning due to their expertise in developing customized tax strategies aligned with business objectives. They collaborate with financial advisors to enhance overall financial plans with tax efficiency, offer guidance in investment decision-making, retirement planning, and wealth management, and provide dedicated, personalized service focused on effectively managing tax responsibilities.

Alif Accounting & Tax Consultants provides specialized support for expatriates, including assistance in navigating international tax obligations and compliance with home country laws, optimization of tax qualifications, and management of financial liabilities specific to expatriate status. They offer expertise in international tax treaties and regulations affecting expatriate taxation and personalized tax planning services tailored to address unique challenges faced by expatriates living abroad.

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